The Tax Goddess Tips Book – Feedback Wanted!

Hi Everyone :)

As a Tax Goddess I get asked many of the same questions over and over by new business owners and business owners who are just “getting the hang of things” and really getting their business off the ground.  What I thought might be a good idea is to gather all of the knowledge from the 16+ years that I have been doing this work into one convenient place for those business owners coming up behind you.

That being said, I am writing a book series on things that business owners need to know before they get into business and what they need to pay attention to once they are in.

I would really appreciate some feedback from you on what you think about your business:

1) what was the most challenging thing in your world when you first started your business?

2) what one piece of wisdom you would tell the next generation of business owners coming up behind you?


PS – the book should be ready for editing in late November! So be on the lookout for it starting next Tax Season (Jan 2012!)